Jan 10, 2011

The Many Shirts of Sid

Over the course of the year Wake Up Sid has become one of my favorite movies.  It's not convoluted or contrived or overly sappy, it doesn't try to hard to be cool, there's no faux-badassness or celebrity vanity showing through.  It's just a sweet, simple story about two people and the lives they make for themselves.

There's a freshness in the film that you unfortunately don't see a lot of in Bollywood these days--it's the type of film that could have easily been overlooked in favor of some of the flashier fare that shows up in theaters if it weren't for a few of the bigger names associated with it (Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, and Karan Johar).  Yes, there's a trendy urban sensibility on display, punctuated by a good-sized dose of "spending my father's money" but the characters don't live in a bubble, which is something I appreciate about the story.

I'll save further comment for a proper review but the one thing I really love about Wake Up Sid is, well, Sid.  Let's face it:  Ranbir Kapoor is a beautiful man.  One or two films aside (*cough* Anjaana Anjaani), I'm a huge fan of his.  It helps that he's more than a pretty face--the boy can act.

What else can he do, you ask?

He can wear a freaking t-shirt.  And seeing as how the production team went to great lengths to feature him in every version of "pop culturally-relevant graphic t-shirt" known to man, I feel it's only appropriate to ogle...erm, observe him in a few of them.

Who am I kidding?  Let's look at alllllllllll of them.  :)

 Sid wakes up.

 Let's get some Scooby Snacks ya'll!

 Daaaaaaaaance the night away...

I can't come up with a witty caption for this one, I'm too busy staring at Ranbir's arms and drooling.

I was thinking that Anupam Kher always rocks as the father...except for RDB, of course...


Nothing's wrong with me...I'm wearing a Joker shirt!  What's wrong with YOU?

No.  No no no no no.  Take this off immediately.

Beavis and Butthead Do India.  

Silly Aisha.  No one enjoys work.


Sneaky sneaky.


Your guess is as good as mine on this one.  Digging the salmon though.

"Soooo Aisha, I'm wearing this spiffy Mr. Spaceman t-shirt..."

Joe failed.  Joe sad.

Sid wears approximately 57 different shirts in this movie but only two different pairs of boxers.  Hmmm.

Mumbai = Gotham.  Can't believe it took me this long to figure out.

Who you gonna call?  (Psst!  Ranbir!  Call ME!)

There's pretty much no color that this boy can't pull off.  And Tom and Jerry!  I love me some Tom and Jerry, those little rascals...

I think someone in the costume department is a Trekkie.  Just saying...

No cartoon characters--this is Sid's most formal interview t-shirt.

I pretty much expect to go to Mumbai and get a job that lets me wear random tshirts at work now.

And so is this shirt.

An homage to me, his American girlfriend.  Obviously.

Arms again.  Drool.

What a pretty shirt you've got there, chai-wallah.

It's cool Ranbir, I don't want guns either.  Peace love and understanding, baby.

The real beef between Sid and Rishi?  Sid got all the cool shirts and Rishi was mad jealous.

They call me Mellow Yellow...

This is like that scene in BILB where Jonathan Rhys-Meyers shows up at the Bhamras' house in his sexy white shirt and Pinky's all like "yeah?" and he's all like "hello" and I'm all like "melt."

Plaid?  Next thing you know he'll be living in Williamsburg and reading Hipster Hitler.

Dull, grey, and no cartoon characters?  Sid, man, I know you're depressed and lovesick but COME. ON.  You can do better than this.

On the one hand, he's wearing women's clothing.  On the other hand, his shirt is see through.  I'm gonna call this one a draw.


Dhruvi Shah said...

Wow! You ARE a fan. I mean, you counted the number of t-shirts! :) I really really enjoyed this post. And I have a treat for you. :) I just need to link this post on my blog. :P

Bombay Talkies said...

Haha, what can I say...I love me some Ranbir Kapoor! Plus it's a really fun movie to watch, so I don't mind rewinding it a few times to count shirts. ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Amit Gupta said...

nice to see someone so mad about Bollywood like me..

aishwarya said...

the more number of times i watch this movie, the more i love it:)

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