Jan 16, 2011

Song of the Day--Deedar De (Dus)

I thought about posting my favorite song from Dus ("Dus Bahaane") or even my second favorite song ("Cham Se") but thought "Deedar De" was a bit more interesting (even if it has less Abhishek and a lot less Zayed Khan, shame).

What does it have going for it then?  Let's see...there's Mayte Garcia (the artist formerly known as the wife of Prince) doing her best booty shaking (and wow look at those arms!), alongside two nondescript random blonde-ish women, one of whom is wearing one of the most hideous dresses known to mankind (the pink one, in case it's in any way unclear).

And then there's Abhishek (squee!) with a gun (boo) and Esha Deol (is it me or is she doing some serious bra stuffing here?) in the only role I've been able to stand her in so far apart from Yuva (and if I recall the plot of Dus correctly (if you can call it a plot) Abhi had a bit of an itch for Esha's character, which explains the whole "you touch my woman and I'll shoot you in the head" thing they've got going here) and Suniel Shetty, in probably the last movie he did before he officially became middle-aged uncle material (in my opinion anyways).

Oh and Zayed Khan, who's totally hot in this, which is lucky for him because his acting in this is so bad that his character is nearly irredeemable.

So let's see it then shall we?  :)

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