Mar 26, 2011

Song of the Day--Maula Mere Maula (Anwar)

I've been listening to this beautiful song for a few months and when I first heard it I couldn't believe I'd managed not only to never have heard the song before but also to never have heard of the film!*

Anwar stars Siddharth Koirala (yes, Manisha's brother) and  Nauheed Cyrusi, with a supporting cast that includes one of my favorites, Vijay Raaz.  I won't give away the story but during the film Siddharth's character, Anwar, has occasion to reflect on his love for Mehru (Cyrusi).  This sufi-inspired song recalls their meeting and how they fell in love.  It's a simple, haunting song wonderfully portrayed by the two leads, who are a natural (and extraordinarily attractive) couple and have outstanding chemistry.

Maula Mere Maula could exist only as images of Siddharth's eyes and his gentle and earnest love for Mehru would still come shining through.  The song (featuring the voice of Roop Kumar Rathod) and its picturization express a real romanticism that I find somewhat lacking in better-known numbers, and it touched me in a way that makes the tragedy of the film all the more heartbreaking.

*If I ever fulfill one of my dreams and move to Spain to teach English I'm going to use that line as an example of a ridiculous sentence structure that my students should just never ever attempt to put together for the sake of their own sanity.

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