Jun 14, 2011

I'm Back! And an Assortment of Random Things I'm Looking Forward To

It's been a long time since I've posted here hasn't it?  I have a bit of an excuse--I was in Jamaica, playing bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best friends (and meeting so many fantastic people!), then in San Juan, Puerto Rico, exploring Old Town and getting a wee bit tipsy (true story) with some more friends, and then finally on a Caribbean cruise with my dad and sister.

I'm so spoiled.

 Congratulations Danielle and Omar!  <3

Anyways, now I'm back, and I'm slowly catching up on all the awesome (and not so awesome) goings-on in Filmiland.

What's not so awesome?  Ready.  I'm soooooo over hearing about Ready.  I'm just...not interested.  Asin's great and Salman's occasionally entertaining but when you watch three or four trailers in a row for a film and are still hard pressed to remember what it's about...well, that's a bad sign.  Looks like another mass-produced formulaic bore.  Yawn.

What's awesome?  I'm glad you asked.

This is awesome:

Let's talk about this. Because I wasn't super excited when I heard about the project, and I wasn't super excited when someone sent me the trailer. But then I watched it. And I watched it again.  And I decided I was kind of intrigued.

Politics of Love is about an Obama campaign worker (played by Mallika Sherawat) who falls in love with a McCain campaign worker.  Craaaaaaazy, I know.  And not just any old McCain campaign worker.  A black McCain campaign worker (I know I know, but it's a movie so it doesn't have to be realistic.)

Anyways...drama drama, etc etc.  It's your standard girl meets boy, boy happens to work for the spawn of Satan film where everything works out in the end with the help of sassy family and friends and a "can't we all get along" speech (or not...I haven't seen it but I'm assuming there'll be one of those in there somewhere).

So why wasn't I super excited about it?  Because even a few years later I still have freaking Obama fatigue.  I'm one of those super liberals who isn't really an Obama fan...you know the drill.  Anyways.  I wasn't sure how much "zomg isn't Obama amazing?!" I could take in one two minute trailer, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The fact that I was able to set my political fatigue aside and get (albeit oh so briefly) involved with the rest of the trailer is a good sign.  I'm not a big Mallika Sherawat fan either but I'm willing to give this a try.

Plus, come on, Loretta Devine?  I fucking love her.

Continuing with things that are awesome, let's talk about Chammak Challo.  You know the one.  Akon doing his thing on a track that got leaked and made Shahrukh Khan cry?

Three things.  First, this track is HOT.  Like...I've listened to it a hundred times in two days hot.  Second, a note to SRK: if it makes you feel at all better, I had absolutely no intention of seeing RA.One at all until I heard Chammak Challo.  Now I'm willing to go just to check out the picturization.  So see?  Life's not all bad.  :)  Third, Akon could become a Bollywood playback singer in a heartbeat.  His Hindi sounds better when he sings than mine does, and I've been studying Hindi for damn near five years now.  If he and Vishal ever did an album together...just sayin'...

Akon. So hot right now. Akon.

Ahem.  Moving on...

Another trailer, this time for Breakaway, the new Russell Peters/Rob Lowe film about a desi ice hockey team.  Think The Mighty Ducks meets Bend It Like Beckham.  It has all the things I look for in a film: Rob Lowe, Russell Peters, Anupam Kher, and Sikhs on ice.

And finally, the official trailer for Aarakshan is out, and it looks like a humdinger.  I'm excited to see Saif finally do something that looks interesting.  Add in the riveting Prateik Babbar and you've got a film I'm dying to see.

Not a bad group of things to be excited about!

There is one thing I'm starting to get a little nervous about, and that's  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.  I have exceptionally high hopes and expectations for Zoya's second film, based on both how absolutely amazing Luck By Chance was and on the ZNMD cast.  Other than Katrina Kaif, the film has a cast you simply can't go wrong with.  Hrithik, Farhan, Abhay, and Kalki are all favorites of mine and are phenomenally talented.  And of course I'm drawn to anything set in Spain.  Which brings me to my concern:

Spain. I love it. The best times of my life have been in Spain. Every once in a while I swear I can still smell it.

And I'm afraid that it's about to be turned into a film cliche. La Tomatina? Running with the bulls? I worry that my beloved Spain is being used as an exotic backdrop rather than as a legitimate character in the film.

That, along with the fact that I'm horribly underwhelmed by the soundtrack, is bringing down my expectations just a little bit. Who knows, it could end up being a phenomenal film. But I'm getting a bit worried...

Oh oh oh!  Forgot to add the trailer for My Friend Pinto, which looks HILARIOUS and stars Prateik Babbar (swoon) and Kalki Koechlin (total girl crush).  I can't wait for this one!


Ness said...

Ha, hilarious (how I am your opposite)! I had ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in ZNMD based on my mehness about Hrithik, and Abhay, and Farhan, and Katrina, and I wasn't really feeling Kalki in it even. And like you, I adore Spain. And then I heard the soundtrack, and I LOVED IT, and all of a sudden I even found love for Hrithik and Abhay and Farhan again, and I kinda can't wait. Kerr-azy. (but basically I think it's the Spain thing. The Spanish in Senorita? SIGH. Finding out Abhay Deol acted as translator in Barcelona because he speaks Spanish? DOUBLE SIGH).

Bombay Talkies said...

I haven't given up on it yet! I'm just trying to temper my expectations a bit in case it isn't as good as LBC.

Abhay speaks Spanish?

Yeah. I'm in love. (Not that I wasn't already--dear god, the things I want to do to Abhay Deol...swoon.)

The Bolly Hood said...

After seeing the trailer for My Friend Pinto I too am looking forward to it - a film in the vein of Hollywood indie capers!

It was inevitable Akon would sing a Hindi song after his involvement in previous films, but it's a great song with a great beat! (Let's hope it's not another item number for Deepika...)

Zindagi Na Milenge Dobara I'm looking forward to based on the music - Ik Junoon [Remix] is an amazing song!

I was thinking this today, do you guys think Genelia D'Souza would suit a Bollywood remake of Amelie? It's just something I thought after watching Chance Pe Dance, in which she's actually rather good (and kooky).

Bombay Talkies thanks for following my blog - have you checked it out recently?

Anonymous said...

you need to come back to Jamaica soon and visit and stay with us.
true story...lol

Filmi Girl said...

I wasn't really excited about ZNMD until seeing the picturization for "Senorita" so there you go!

Also, I approve of the rest of your list - esp. Breakaway, which is being produced by Akshay Kumar, so you know I'm rooting for that one. ;)

Bombay Talkies said...

BH--I' not sure Genelia is twee enough to pull off an Amelie.

Dani--I can't wait to visit again! You guys' apartment is so cute! :)

Filmigirl--I knew Akshay was doing a cameo in Breakaway but I didn't know he was producing it. Awesome! :)

Shell said...

I must have been living under some sort of rock, because this is the first time I've listened to Chammak Challo in it's entirety. LOVE IT! So now, I'll be playing it in circulation all day I'm sure.

I wanted to see ZNMD ever since I saw the poster. I'm visual that way! But I really liked the picturization for Senorita, even with Hrithik and Abhay singing. I wonder if it's standard in Hrithik's contracts now that he get a few minutes of musical interlude in his films. That's 3 for 3!

I am SO seeing Breakaway! I saw the trailer a while ago on ET Canada I think. Russell Peters is hilarious. I thing it will be fantastic. Plus I kind of dig hockey movies (ie Mystery, Alaska), could be the Canadian in me (however, I am so mot into watching real hockey. Go figure).

Gonna be a great summer!

The Bolly 'Hood said...

Yay glad you're back!!! When I first heard about Akon singing for Ra.One I was kind of skeptical but I actually LOVE Chammak Challo!!! It's so surprisingly good. I hear he's done another track for the film...can't wait for it now.

I'm also pretty excited for Breakaway. Rob Lowe is my icing on the cake for that one. He is so yummy.

ZNMD looks kinda bleh IMO...but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Bombay Talkies said...

Shell: isn't CC great?! I'm making all my friends listen to it, bwahaha.

See, I'm not a fan of Senorita. I love Abhay but I don't want to see him dance. It all just looks very cliched to me. But we'll see when it comes out.

Bolly 'Hood: I'm glad I'm back too! Too much travel makes me a grumpy girl. And I didn't know he did more than one track--that's definitely something to look forward to.

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