Dec 4, 2009

The Who What Now?

After years of resolving to start an Indian film blog, I’ve finally done it. No more wasting my afternoons on other peoples’ blogs (though let’s be honest, I’ll probably still do that) and wishing I had a platform for expressing my thoughts on my favorite (and least favorite) films. From now on, the internets are my oyster. Or something like that.

The bulk of The Bombay Talkies will be devoted to reviews and thoughts on mainstream Hindi films, but if it’s made in India (or thereabouts), it’ll get mentioned here (rejoice, fellow crazy Tamil film fans!). Be on the lookout for awkward screen captures, lyrics to my favorite soundtracks, and updates on new films and your standard Bollywood gupshup.



adriana said...

Hi! I like your blog and your story of how you found Bollywood music and movies. Mine is similar, except that I really care less about the films than I do the music. I like any and all music but Hindi film songs, new and old, hold a very special place in my heart. You really ought to go to India someday. It will all happen at the right time, but definitely work towards making it happen. Also let me know if you want to practice Hindi - I am horribly out of practice!

Bombay Talkies said...

Shukriya for the comment, and for visiting! :)

I also generally prefer the music--I'll watch a film a few times but unless it's really spectacular I usually only pop in the dvd at later times to watch the songs. I just checked your blog out, I'm so glad someone else liked Dil Gira Dafatan. I thought the picturization was really fun and the song is adorable. :)

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