May 19, 2010

Song of the Day--Chale Jaise Hawaien (Main Hoon Na)

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, and the first Bollywood film I ever purchased!  I had a roommate who lent me a copy of Devdas, and after seeing it I knew I needed more.  So I went over to the Eros International website and sought out more Shah Rukh Khan.  Main Hoon Na was the first one that came, and I loved it.  A roommate and I rewound "Chale Jaise Hawaien" over and over, for two reasons:  first, it's a damn catchy song;  second, Zayed Khan is a fine looking boy.  I still get a case of the weak knees when he takes his jacket off halfway through the song.  Swoon.   Too bad he's not much of an actor, but as a pretty face--oh yes please.

The film was choreographer Farah Khan's directorial debut, and I really love her style.  The end of the film features a Grease-like sendoff, which I find adorable.  The film itself is a bit fluff, with some exagerated action sequences and a fair amount of Shah Rukh's trademark "if I squeeze my face in on itself really hard, it might look like I'm actually crying," but overall it's incredibly entertaining.  Amrita Rao is adorable, Zayed is man-candy, Shah Rukh gets a an action plotline and a romantic one (with the lovely Sushmita Sen) and my wonderful Boman Irani plays a hilarious schoolmaster.

Something fun to look out for:  this entire sequence was shot as one continuous take, and Farah Khan said that anytime someone stopped, the entire shot had to be canned and started over again (which apparently led to a backup dancer fainting in the heat!).  Watch Zayed, especially in the choreography that leads up to his first chorus:  he's clearly making mistakes, but you know he's all "No. You're not stopping.  You're DOING this."  And he does.

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