May 30, 2010

Song of the Day--Sapnon Se Bhare Naina (Luck By Chance)

I can't get enough of this track!  If you haven't seen Luck By Chance yet, get on it!  It's a really well acted film with a unique storyline, great dialogue, and, as evidenced by this song, a fantastic soundtrack.  (Plus Farhan looks crazy hot and there's a great plot featuring Hrithik Roshan!)


Shell said...

I thought I'd visited your blog before, but now I'm thinking not. Oops. Rectified that by adding you to my blog roll today.

I really enjoyed Luck By Chance, as a film. Loved Farhan and Konkona in it. Of all the songs though, this is probably my least fav. Don't know why that is. I much preferred Baawre, Yeh Zindagi Bhi, and even Pyaar Ki Dastaan. Overall a great soundtrack though, like you said.

By the way, love the look of your blog. I've been thinking about changing mine up a bit.

Bombay Talkies said...

Thanks Shell :)

You know, I'd seen this film three times and when I first heard this song on the radio I didn't even remember it being in the film. It never really stuck with me, but it's definitely growing on me now. I'm a big fan of Baawre too (even have it as my ringtone!) but I think I like this one because it reminds me a bit of Aaja Sawaariya (the Medieval Punditz version) with the spin/dance vibe. Plus I like looking at Farhan. ;)

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