Jun 15, 2010

The Man Loves to Dance! (Govinda Week 2010)

Not being a massive fan of Govinda, I thought my Govinda Week contributions would be limited to just one post.  But not so!  This morning my mp3 player decided to bust out with Bhagam Bhag, and I couldn't help but want to post it!

Between Bhagam Bhag and Soni de Nakhre in the last post, it only makes sense to go all out and put up a bit of Govinda LIVE:

For those of you who own IIFA 2007 on DVD (and don't we all?), you'll remember what really makes this performance funny. It's not Salman on a fake horse, it's not Govinda in drag, it's not Hrithik's non-plussed look every time the camera hits him. It's that whoever was in charge of the subtitles translated the chorus of Soni de Nakhre as "oh pup, puppy shame, puppy, oh jannah jannah."

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