Dec 10, 2010

Song of the Day--Zara Jhoom Jhoom (Tom Dick and Harry)

It's, uh, been about a month since I posted here.  I've got a ton of half-written posts lingering on my dashboard that I'm not quite ready to finish yet, so this post is mostly just me sending up an "I'm still alive!" flare from my island of unproductiveness.  (Shut up Firefox and your little squiggly red lines, "unproductiveness" is totally a word.)

I think this post is as good a time as any to insert an important caveat about my Song of the Day posts:  just because I call something my Song of the Day does not mean I think it's good.  I mean obviously I find the songs tolerable or I wouldn't have taken the time to seek out a decent vid of them, but this song is case in point.  Four or five years ago I thought this song was, like, totally badass.  "Look at those dancers!  They're wearing leather!  There are girls.  On motorcycles.  This is soooo MTV.  I am cool by virtue of listening to this song.  Himesh just really likes hats guys--I'm sure he has a full head of hair under there.  He just wears hats for street cred.  DUH."

Now I watch this video and sort of cringe a bit.  You probably do to.

But let's not lie:  in secret we're all totally jamming to this song.  ;)

1 comment:

Amaluu said...

I'll admit that I liked this song too! :)

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